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The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF: Understanding the Key Points

The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF is a comprehensive document that outlines the political agreement between the Libyan parties to end the country`s political and security crisis. The agreement was signed in December 2015 in the Moroccan city of Skhirat and was later endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF contains numerous provisions aimed at establishing a national unity government, promoting stability and security, and restoring the country`s sovereignty. Here`s a closer look at some of the key points of the agreement:

1. Establishment of a Government of National Accord

The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF provides for the establishment of a Government of National Accord (GNA), which is tasked with overseeing the country`s transition to a democratic and stable state. The GNA is composed of a Presidential Council, a Cabinet, and a State Council.

2. Division of Powers

The agreement outlines the division of powers between the GNA and the House of Representatives (HoR), the country`s legislative body. The HoR is responsible for enacting laws, while the GNA has executive authority.

3. Security Arrangements

The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF also establishes provisions for the security arrangements in the country. A ceasefire was called for in order to allow talks to progress and peace accords to be reached. The agreement also outlines the creation of a unified Libyan army, which is intended to end the fragmented and often violent nature of Libyan militias.

4. Economic Measures

The agreement further sets out a framework for the country`s economic recovery, including measures to promote new investment and revitalize the oil industry. The implementation of such economic measures has been slow, however, and a number of challenges remain.

5. Political Dialogue

The Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF emphasizes the importance of political dialogue in resolving the country`s crisis. The agreement called for a series of political talks to be held between the various Libyan parties, culminating in the signing of a final peace accord.

While the Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF represents a significant milestone in the country`s transition to stability and democracy, it has faced significant challenges in implementation, especially in the face of continued fighting and unrest throughout the country. Nonetheless, the Skhirat Agreement Libya PDF remains a valuable document for understanding the key elements of the peace process in Libya.

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